10 Tools and Apps to Make Remote Working Easier

10 Tools and Apps to Make Remote Working Easier

With social distancing and the Government encouraging as many people as possible to work from home if they can right now, remote working is becoming the new norm. We’ve compiled a list of our 10 favourite tools and apps to make the transition from office to home easier, and how you can still stay connected with your team whilst remote working.


Video meetings


These apps allow you to connect with your team over your webcam or camera, so you can see and speak to each other as you would in a real meeting. With social distancing and people feeling lonelier, video meetings are a great way to stay connected and remember that everyone is in the same boat!


Team chats


All of these apps are free and are very easy to create group chats using your mobile or laptop, so you don’t miss a thing. Less formal than over email and easier to send quick short updates, or to just generally check in with one another.


Cloud storage

Box/Dropbox/Google Drive

Creating files in the cloud is essential, if more than one person in your team is using them. Having cloud storage means any team member can access the files from anywhere, and if a team member is sick, someone else can help with their work and use the files they were working on.


Project management


Asana is great for keeping the whole team in the loop for deadlines, important dates and plans such as social plans, email plans or print deadlines whilst remote working. It’s very easy to use and easily customisable for whatever projects you are working on as an individual or a team.


Do you have another favourite tool that you use for remote working? Send us a message and we will and it to the list!

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