5 tips to help you succeed in a new remote job

5 tips to help you succeed in a new remote job


Starting a new can be nerve-wracking enough, but now with a pandemic happening and you starting your new job from home and being remote, it can feel like a bit of a minefield. You might be unsure of what to expect or what is expected of you so here are our 5 tips to be a working from home success!


  1. Understand your new role

Make sure you understand your role and what expectations come with it. Make a list of all your responsibilities and targets as a reminder to look at. Ask if there is any required training you need to do the role well and where you can go for help and additional resources if you need them.


  1. Communicate often

Check in with your new manager often and show that you are getting ahead of your work by updating them with what you have done. Try to interact with as much of your new team as possible when you are remote, whether that is by video, phone call or message. If your team use a specific platform like Slack or Microsoft Teams to communicate with one another, make sure you contribute and show an interest in getting to know them.


  1. Ask questions

If you are set a task or project, and are unsure of how to proceed, ask! Get as much information as possible on what is needed and when by. This will help you create a clear plan, leading you to finish the job quicker.


  1. Give yourself a structure

Make sure you form a structure throughout your working day and set boundaries between working time and relaxing. Clarify your working hours, so you can plan your day around the hours given. Create a routine for yourself at home to ensure you are productive, and take regular breaks away from your laptop.


  1. Track your progress

Ask for feedback from your manager or team to see how they think it is going and if you are on the right track. This will help you to see what you have achieved and where can be improved or changed.


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