5 Ways To Ensure Your Job Advert Attracts The Right Candidates

5 Ways To Ensure Your Job Advert Attracts The Right Candidates

Recruiting the correct person into your team is essential to enable your business to continue moving in the right direction, but sometimes even though you may have a brilliant opportunity available, you don’t seem to attract the calibre of candidates you need because of the job advert.

Sound familiar?

It could be that your job advert is unintentionally giving out completely the wrong message to any job seeker or that it’s missing some vital information which potential employees want to know.

Whatever the reason, take a read through our top tips on how to write a compelling job advert that will help you attract the right talent.

Format, format, format!
You want people to read your job adverts, so the least you can do is make them easy to read! Ensure you have a clear structure, use subheadings and bullet points always help readability. Remember not to make the job advert too long – it needs to be informative enough to hook people in, but doesn’t need to include every minute task of their job description. A very long list of responsibilities could put potential applicants off.

Pick the job title carefully

The job title is the first thing prospective candidates will see and it will help them decide whether or not to find out more about the role. Pick the job title carefully and don’t mislead people. Think about what terms candidates will search for and remember, it doesn’t necessarily have to be the title that’s on their job description – something similar but more likely to be search for is probably a better bet.

Don’t be too vague

Vague job adverts can make it look like you’re trying to hide something. Applicants like to know what they’re applying for and to many of them, the finer details such as working hours, days of work and their daily responsibilities, do matter. If you have the information to hand, include it and it will hopefully avoid any wasted time further down the line.

Mention a salary

You might be tempted to leave the salary information out to attract a range of candidates. What you will most likely find however, is that candidates will skip over your job advert altogether. A salary range on an advert helps a prospective candidate to gauge the level of a job and whilst money won’t be a top priority for everyone, it is still a large consideration for most. Terms such as “competitive salary” or “market rate” can be open to interpretation so it’s best to be more specific where you can.

Ensure the application process is simple

Whilst you don’t want to make it so easy that everyone, qualified or not, can apply with just one click, you need to be mindful that a lengthy and laborious application process can deter candidates from applying. If you require someone to send in their CV, plus write a long cover letter and fill in a large application form, they may decide they haven’t got the time to apply, especially if they are already working full time.

Finding suitable candidates is the number one frustration when recruiting. Following these tips will help to ensure those that do respond are suitable. If you’d like any further help or advice regarding recruitment, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the team at Teamwork Selection. Call 01452 615544 or email gloucester@teamwork-selection.co.uk.




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