6 Tips for Managing Teams Remotely

6 Tips for Managing Teams Remotely

Social distancing is now the norm, and to be socially responsible it’s a necessity to be able to work from home where possible. Here are our 6 tips on how to manage teams remotely and effectively.

 Make yourself business-ready and set an example

Get dressed like you would for the office, this will make you feel much more like you are at work. If you are in a busy household, try and find a room with less through-traffic and somewhere to set up your ‘home office’ to manage your teams remotely.

Set yourself targets for the day

Make a list of targets your want to achieve by the end of the day, to help you and the team remain focussed and on track.

Communicate with your team regularly

It’s important to keep feeling like a team even when working dispersed elsewhere. Keep in contact by email, phone, or even video meetings, so you can see your team and feel like you are together.

Get to grips with the IT

Make sure you know how to use all your remote IT software, and that your team does to. It’s less easy to fix an IT problem at home so practice beforehand and make sure everyone knows how to use all elements of the software and apps.

Keep a routine

Set catch up times with individuals and the whole team at set times in the day so you’re always in the loop and can see where any stumbling blocks may be.

Make sure you and the team are taking breaks

It’s easy to work more than you should at home, and not have time to switch off. Make sure you and your team are differentiating between work time and personal time. Regular breaks help with productivity and creativity,

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