Benefits of Hiring Temporary Workers

What are the advantages of using temporary workers and is it something your business should consider?

Immediate relief

Due to the nature of the work they complete, temporary workers are usually available immediately, meaning they can easily and quickly fill any gaps in your team on a short term basis, rather than you having to wait for someone to finish a notice period or for a lengthy round of interviews to conclude.

No drop in productivity

Being able to hire someone immediately means your company is less likely to experience a drop in productivity, which it might if you wait to hire someone into a permanent contract. With a willing pair of hands quickly in place to help out, you can ensure you meet the targets and productivity levels your business needs.

Eliminate hiring mistakes

Using temporary workers means there’s no need to worry about making a poor hiring decision. Temps are pre-screened, interviewed and referenced for you by the agency, which saves you valuable time, and if you find they aren’t a good fit for the team or the workload suddenly drops, you are not tied in to a long notice period before you can part ways.

Save time and money
Hiring a temporary worker is often cheaper than the cost of hiring a permanent employee with benefits, especially when an extra person is only needed for the short term. As well as finding you a suitable person, Teamwork Selection will also take on the cost and time of sorting tax deductions, holiday pay, pension contributions and any other associated benefits.

Boosts morale

Hiring extra staff will help to reduce the pressure on your current permanent workforce, who may be feeling the strain due to increased workload.

At the right time and place, temporary work can have massive advantages for both businesses and individuals. If you have any questions about temporary contracts, hiring temporary staff or working on an ad hoc basis, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the team at Teamwork Selection by emailing

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