The Benefits of Working Alongside Studying at University

With A Level results come and gone, it’s time to get excited about heading off to university!

You’ll no doubt be looking forward to moving away from home, meeting new people and of course, getting to study something you have a keen interest in.

The big question however, is how will you cope money wise? Is it worth getting a part time job?

We’ve put together some advantages of working whilst at university and the benefits it could have for you in both the short and long term.

Money, obviously!

One of the most obvious and instant benefits for bagging yourself a part time job is the money you will be earning. Living away from home can be an expensive business so every little will help whilst you’re studying. You may also be able to put some away In case of emergencies or have a little bit more spending money for enjoying leisure activities. Whatever you do with the money you earn, it’s worth it not to be solely relying on your student loan.

Budgeting skills

Earning your own money will teach you to budget – it’s always harder to spend the money you worked hard for rather than someone else’s! These skills will come in useful all the way through university and later in life.

Experience for your CV

While you are studying, you are likely to have a few gaps in your weekly timetable. Of course, it’s important to use some of this time to complete coursework and readings, but it is also an ideal opportunity to gain some invaluable work experience which will look great on your CV. If you can find part time work in an industry related to your degree that’s great, but any job will show that you are hardworking, have a good work ethic and are adept at time management skills.

Meet new people outside of University

Sometimes you can get caught up in the university bubble and it’s good to have interests and commitments outside of this circle.  Having a part time job will allow you to meet different people with different interests who you can add to your group of friends. Plus, it’s always good to network and the more people you know, the more opportunities you may come across in the future.

You’ll never get bored!

Having a part time job at university plus studying and keeping up a social life means you’ll never be bored. You’ll have plenty of things to occupy your time and they will all benefit you in the long run! You’ll rarely have the same free time as you do at university so it makes sense to use it wisely to get ahead!

Whilst it may not be top of your priorities when you start university, securing a part time job can reap big rewards for your future.

If you’re studying in the Gloucestershire area and looking for work alongside your course, get in touch with Teamwork Selection. Our expert team have various part time jobs available and can offer advice on which may be the best fit for you. Give us a call on 01452 615544 or email



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