Unemployment in Gloucestershire continues to fall

Unemployment across the UK continues to fall, and the downward trend across Gloucestershire shows no sign of abating.

According to figures released in February from the Office of National Statistics (ONS), the UK employment rate now stands at a record-breaking level as jobs growth has climbed, with unemployment dropping.

Juliet Capelastegui, managing director of Teamwork Selection comments: “Our recruitment experience in Gloucestershire is certainly mirroring these national and regional trends. We are finding that the demand for recruits is growing strongly and, in many cases, is exceeding supply – we often have more roles than available recruits in certain sectors.”

“This strong opportunity for candidates across the region and competition for talent shows no sign of slowing down. As a result, many employers in competitive sectors are devising more creative and innovative ways of attracting staff.

“This could include, for instance, investing in a compelling employer brand strategy to help to make their employer brand more attractive to job seekers; differentiation through offering ‘family-friendly’ and more flexible terms – particularly for more experienced candidates; or investing in digital-savvy recruitment strategies for those who are seeking to attract millennials.”

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