How to get the most out of your Zoom Meetings

How to get the most out of your Zoom Meetings


Gone are the days of boardroom meetings with the majority of office-based workers working from home during the pandemic, meaning most companies now rely on video to communicate with their teams in meetings to ensure smooth remote working. Zoom has now become a staple of everyday life while we work from home, so here are our 5 tips on how you can ace your next Zoom meeting.


  • Video and Audio

Test your video and audio before your meeting at Make sure you can see yourself on the screen and that your webcam is on and your audio has been tested so that others in the meeting will be able to see and here you, to make the most out of your Zoom call. Make sure your camera is at eye level.


  • Meeting Etiquette

Try not to perform other tasks during the video call, the microphone can pick up rustling and typing, but if you have to do something else, mute yourself so the other attendees won’t be distracted. Make sure you join the meeting on time and know what’s on the agenda.


  • Consider Your Environment

Remember that everyone can see your background. Clean up your surroundings, or use a suitable virtual background that Zoom provides. Position yourself so that you have light in front of you (behind your screen), to make you more easily visible and less glare on your screen to see others. Find a quiet space, shut the door, and mute yourself if necessary if there are barking dogs or screaming kids in the background!


  • Stay Engaged

Look either straight into the camera or the screen and not into the distance. This signals full participation, and your colleagues will feel like you’re listening to them and engaging. Be present and engaged throughout your call, ask questions and don’t let your eyes glaze over! Bad posture can indicate boredom or that you are unmotivated, so sit up straight and really pay attention.


  • Look Professional

Exude a professional appearance and demeanour, by wearing clothes you would to an office or interview and make sure you look well-kept. No unbrushed hair or pyjamas in a meeting!

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