How Your Workspace Can Increase Your Productivity

How Your Workspace Can Increase Your Productivity


Whether you are still working from home or are back in an office, staying productive is essential. The place you work in can directly impact your productivity in a positive and negative way. Design your workspace for success and get the most out of the area you are in using our 7 tips.


The Right Colours

According to colour theory, certain colours can affect your emotions and behaviour. Blue hues stimulate the mind and increases productivity, while brown tones can create a strong and powerful feel. Yellow is for positivity and energy.


A Quiet Space

Background noise can distract you and make it difficult to concentrate and focus on your work. Block out sounds where possible or invest in good noise-cancelling headphones to shut out the outside world.


Get Some Plants

Plant not only brighten up the place and provide a breath of fresh air,  a number of studies have shown that incorporating plants into workplace design can also have a positive effect on productivity. Just don’t forget to water them!


Natural Light

Artificial light can increase room temperature and hurt your eyes, which if you are staring at a screen all day isn’t good. Try and place yourself near to a window so your desk can receive as much natural light as possible. It will also be good for the plant on your desk!


Have a Break

Breaks throughout the day are essential for staying productive and reducing stress levels. Don’t spend your break staring at the same screen you work behind. Go outside or take a quick walk somewhere else to refresh your mind and stay motivated.


Leave your mark on your desk and make it your own. Have something personal on your desk whether you opt for a family photo or your last great night out with friends, it can be a good motivator during work.



Keep your work area tidy, it will help you feel less stressed and more on top of things generally. Throw away anything you don’t need and keep the space clear, so it is ready for you to work at again and be productive.

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