Using a Recruitment Agency to Help With Your Job Search

Why should I use a recruitment agency to help with my job search?

A job search can sometimes be a complicated and time consuming process, whether you’re looking for your first opportunity or wanting to change careers further down the line.

You may not have considered using a recruitment agency to support your job search, or you may believe that it’s better to apply directly to the hiring company. However, having the support of a recruiter can come with many different benefits which could assist you with finding your dream job sooner rather than later.

They can work whilst you work!
If you’re already in a full time job, looking for alternative employment can be a challenging task. You don’t have a lot of spare time to search job boards, send CVs, write cover letters and respond to telephone calls. So why not let a recruiter do the hard work for you? They can forward your details over to different hiring companies, arrange interviews on your behalf and keep you up to date on the latest jobs, all whilst you work.

Knowledge of the local area and industry
Recruitment agencies will have a great knowledge of the local area and are often the first to hear which companies are recruiting, before a job is even advertised elsewhere. If you’re registered with them already, you will be at the forefront of their mind when they receive new vacancies to fill, meaning you could start a new role before it is advertised anywhere! They will also be able to offer an insight into the local industry and offer advice on which companies may suit your skills.

Invaluable advice
Recruiters live and breathe the industry so there’s no better place to get advice on interview technique, CV writing, cover letters and what might be the right path for you. If you don’t conduct your job search through an agency, you miss out on this invaluable advice which could be the difference between a job offer or a rejection letter.

Access to a wide variety of jobs
Some vacancies will only ever be advertised through a recruitment agency, so if you’re not registered, then certain jobs may be inaccessible to you. Using a recruiter will also open you up to jobs you may not have considered previously, but could turn out to be the perfect fit for your skills.

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