Job postings slowly start to see increase in June

Job postings slowly start to see increase in June

The amount of job postings in the UK has risen to almost 963,000 in first week of June, up from 950,000 at the start of May.

In the first week of June 112,000 new job adverts were posted, which is 64% more than there were at the end of May. This could indicate more companies starting to hire again since the lockdown measures have been eased and that the recovery is starting to pick up speed as more businesses are allowed to reopen.

Active job postings in Scotland and Wales have risen the most in the country by 3.6% and 2.3% respectively between the weeks of 25-31 May and 1-7 June.

There has been an increased demand for customer service representatives, parking attendants and speech therapists. Customer service representative adverts rose by 18.6% between the end of May and the start of June (25-31 May and 1-7 June). There was an increase in postings for parking attendants by 17.9%, speech therapists by 8.8% and writers by 6.5%.

The hospitality industry continues to suffer due to public health measures, with all pubs, bars, restaurants and cafés still being closed apart from takeaway services. Job posts for chefs decreased by 4.5%, waiters and waitresses by 5.6%, catering assistants 8.0% and bar staff by 15.7% from the previous weeks.

Job adverts for primary school teachers have also fallen by 6.0% between the end of May and early June, due to the government’s announcement that primary schools in England will not be required to open fully before the summer holidays.

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