5 Tips for Job searching whilst self-isolating

Job searching whilst self-isolating? Here’s 5 tips to keep proactive!

If you are currently job searching but are self-isolating or social distancing, and unable to go to interviews, motivation can start to lack as the search takes a bit longer. Job searching can be a long process, but here are some tips to keep proactive throughout this time and improve your career.


Update your CV

This is a great opportunity to update your CV, and get it formatted to be the best it can be. A CV should be no more than two pages, tailored to each role you are applying for, and explain any gaps. No telling fibs on your CV either, you’ll get caught out eventually!


Check your social media

No, we don’t mean scroll your news feed. Check your own personal social media, especially LinkedIn. Make sure it’s all up to date, and there are no posts or pictures that you would be embarrassed for your new boss to see! Make your social media private if you don’t want potential employers seeing anything before you apply.


Phone a mentor

This could be an old boss, a teacher or someone in the industry you admire (and have the phone number for!) Ask them about their job experience, what their career advice would be or any thing you should be learning to get to the next stage in your career.


Upload your CV to job boards

If you do decide to update your CV, why not get it out there? You can either send it directly to us, or upload it to job boards like Totaljob, Indeed and Glosjobs.  Recruiters and employers will then be able to find you as well as you searching for jobs!


Attend online courses

There are lots of free online courses available in lots of industries, even YouTube can be a good source of knowledge and ‘How-to’ videos! Google and LinkedIn both offer digital training courses in professional services such as PPC, SEO and graphic design. Have a search and get learning!


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