Your Mental Health When Working From Home

Keeping Up Your Mental Health When Working From Home

Mental health is extremely important, and you might be struggling with yours more now, due to self-isolation, loneliness, working from home (WFH) or just anxiety about what is going on.

If you are working from home and social distancing, you are doing the right thing and helping to keep those most vulnerable safe.

We’ve asked (via Skype) some of our WFH colleagues what they are doing to help with their mental health and general wellbeing, to keep their moods and morale up!


  • Check in on others

“Ring a friend, or a family member or a colleague – ANYONE, and have a natter. Just because you are social distancing, self-isolating, or just WFH you shouldn’t stop communicating. Chances are everyone around you is feeling the same way and talking about it can help and make you realise you are not alone in this.”


  • Go outside (within reason!)

“Fresh air is good for you! Mentally and physically. If you have a garden, walk around that for a few minutes, or go to a local park where there is some greenery. Just don’t go anywhere where there are other people! “


  • Laugh!

“Watch a TV show or film that makes you laugh. Listen to a funny podcast while doing some work. Read jokes to each other, watch funny cat videos on YouTube, whatever it is, just have a giggle. You will feel better.”


  • Keep in contact with your colleagues

“Just because you aren’t in the same office anymore doesn’t mean you can’t contact them. Be creative. Start WhatsApp groups, group chats, email, group call, video meeting, Facebook Live, Snap streaks – anything, just keep checking in on each other.”


  • Get out of bed – and don’t work in bed

“Staying in bed all day can make you feel down. Doing work in bed can also make it hard to switch off at night and sleep as you associate bed with work. Leave the laptop downstairs.”


  • Keep a schedule like you would a normal workday where possible

“Set your alarm to get up as you normally would, get dressed, have a lunch break and finish at the time when you would normally leave the office. Having a routine can help you feel more settled.”


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