How to prepare for A Level Results Day

How to prepare for A Level Results Day

A Level results day is just around the corner! Now the high of finishing your exams is over, you may be starting to worry about your results and consequently your path after school.

However, there’s no need to be anxious about the future. If you aren’t successful in gaining what you need to at A level to get into university, remember there are various different options and routes available for you to consider.

We’ve put together some advice on how to prepare for results day and some information on the other possibilities accessible to you if your results don’t quite go as intended.

Preparing for results day

Ensure you have everything you need for the day

Before the day, take some time to prepare everything you need. Ensure you have a fully charged phone, contact details of your university choices, and your UCAS login so you can keep up to date with the status of your application. Read up on the clearing process and what you should do if you don’t get into your first choice before results morning, so you’re prepared for any eventuality.

If you didn’t get the grades you wanted…

Research other universities

If you think it may be a possibility that you don’t get the A level grades needed for your chosen university, but you’re adamant taking the further education path is still what you want to do, it is a good idea to research other universities which provide the course you’re interested in.  This way you will have a clearer idea of where else you’d be happy to attend if you can’t go to your first choice rather than making the decision on a whim.


If you decide university isn’t necessarily for you, securing an apprenticeship is a great way to get into work.  An apprenticeship allows you to train in a specific role, whilst securing an extra qualification and earning money at the same time. They aren’t just for manual careers either – apprenticeships are very common nowadays in all sorts of disciplines, from administration and marketing to science and business studies.

Gap Year

Perhaps you feel like you want to take some time out and decide the best path for you. If so, why not think about having a gap year? You could use your time to try out some temporary work, or you could spend a while travelling and learning about new cultures. Temp work will give you a chance to find out what you enjoy doing and travelling will offer experiences that cannot be repeated elsewhere. Whatever you do with a gap year – don’t do nothing. You want to be able to impress future employers with skills and experiences you have picked up along the way.

Remember you’ve done everything you can.

Lastly, and probably most importantly, remember you have already done everything you can to the best of your ability, so there’s no purpose to fretting about the outcome.  There are lots of paths to choose from even if it’s not the one you originally attended – everything will work its way out in the end.

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