Using This Time To Upskill Your Employees

Using This Time To Upskill Your Employees

During the coronavirus outbreak communication between employers and staff has become more important than ever, especially furloughed staff. Employee mental health and wellbeing is another challenge employers face due to all these new challenges. One way to help furloughed staff stay engaged and feeling involved is to upskill them or train them for when they return to work.

So why is training staff during furlough an excellent short and long term strategy for any business?


Training is allowed while on furlough

While on furlough it is illegal for staff to work for the business that has put them on the government scheme, however training to upskill for their role is not. Those on furlough who are struggling to fill their time off work could benefit greatly from some training. Many furloughed staff are eligible for free courses in many areas, such as marketing courses from the IDM.


Maintain Employee Engagement and Team Building

Online seminars and conferences or webinars are a great way for colleagues to interact with each other in the context of work, whilst making furloughed staff feel productive. Learning new things in sessions together can build stronger bonds between departments and teams that may not interact with each other on a daily basis in the office.


Cut Down On Hiring Costs

In the next few months many companies are going to be faced with hard choices financially, and hiring is likely to decline when the dust has settled from coronavirus. The hiring process can be very costly, so upskilling and allocating resources to training now for existing staff to fill skill gaps.

By making use of the existing skills of employees now could be a contributing factor when it comes to business performance and the overall success of a company’s culture and future.

Why Teamwork Selection?

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