Work attire when working from home – suits or sweats?

Work attire when working from home – suits or sweats?

With more of us now working from home for the foreseeable future or permanently due to the coronavirus, many are now only seeing colleagues or clients through a screen on video meetings, using platforms like Zoom or Skype.

This is a whole new way of life for some, who would normally have been in the office 40 hours a week before March. Now it has been swapped for a less than 1 minute commute to work (from bed to the sofa, or wherever the new ‘desk’ is) and minimal interaction with others unless it’s in a digital way. Has the new working from home culture changed how we dress on a day to day basis? And how does this new culture affect how we look for our new video meetings? Are you still getting into a full suit or professional attire to stay on your sofa for 8 hours a day? Or has comfort become the most important thing, with joggers now being the uniform for the 9 – 5? And does it remain that way for zoom meetings with your co-workers, boss or clients? Does it make a difference if your boss sits on a video call with you in their pyjamas?

We asked our followers on social media, and got some interesting results!


Twitter Results




Our Twitter followers gave the majority of the vote to keep clothing professional for working from home (WFH) and video meetings.

So what are the benefits of dressing professionally when WFH?

1) It helps you to keep a routine and keep your work/life balance in check. In your ‘work’ clothes you are ready to work. And when you get changed out of them when 5pm comes you can clock off and focus on other things.

2) It saves you any embarrassment if you do have an unexpected last minute meeting request with your boss or a client. By making yourself presentable each morning, you don’t have to scramble to look decent for a call, or explain your Disney pyjamas to your colleagues!

3) It boosts your productivity. If you associate relaxation with pyjamas, you may slack off while wearing them whilst working. If you dress the part, you may find yourself more easily filling it.


Linkedin Results



However, over on Linkedin (considered a more professional network) our followers couldn’t decide! No one opted for pyjamas but something comfier or less formal got the most votes.

So what are the benefits to dressing down whilst WFH?

1) You are more comfortable. You can focus on work and not on an uncomfortable outfit for 8 hours of the day.

2) Speed! It’s quicker to get ready if you just need to pull a hoodie and joggers on, whereas a full suit can take longer.

3) You can retain your own sense of style, compared to business-wear.


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