Worried how you will cover work peaks with reduced staff?

Worried how you will cover work peaks with reduced staff?


Temporary Workers are the solution.


It is a very hard time for businesses right now, from SMEs through to larger corporations. Many are unfortunately having to face the difficult decision of making staff redundant due to COVID-19.  At the same time, they need to keep their business afloat and make them grow to recover the losses that have been made since March when lockdown began.

Staff redundancy is never easy but sometimes it is the only way to keep a business going. However, by making staff redundant there is less workforce to be on hand when there is a sudden upturn in business and orders. We are beginning to come out of lockdown and the economy will start to recover. It is a vulnerable position to be in and the decisions businesses make now are crucial to getting through the next few months.

Temporary staff give you and your business flexibility whenever needed. Available at a short notice, businesses have the ability to turn them “on and off” as required. On the flip side, many people have become displaced from their job, so temporary work can be a real benefit to them, enabling them to earn money and be employed through an employment agency, doing ad hoc or short term work for businesses in need.

Using temporary staff means there is no need for a drop in business productivity. With a willing experienced pair of hands quickly in place to help out, you can ensure you meet the targets your business needs. Our Temporary workers are pre-screened, interviewed and referenced for you by us, which saves you valuable time and money. Our selection process is thorough and catered to your business needs.

The cost of hiring a temporary worker is often cheaper than hiring a permanent employee with benefits, especially when an extra person is only needed for the short term. Agencies also take on the cost and time of sorting tax deductions, holiday pay, pension contributions and any other associated benefits.

Hiring extra temporary staff will help to reduce the pressure on your current permanent workforce, who may be feeling the strain due to increased workload or people leaving their team. If you are considering the need for temporary staff quickly, contact Teamwork Selection today on 01452 615544 or email recruitment@teamwork-selection.co.uk.

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