Interview Tips


Preparing for an interview is crucial. It greatly enhances your chances of getting the job!

Teamwork Selection will provide you with a detailed job description, and background on the company and role. Please do contact us with any queries or for more information prior to your interview.

You can prepare by researching the job you are applying for; research the company on-line, read recent articles and/or speak to someone you know who works there; read and look through the job specification and how it relates to your skills and experience. Being well prepared signals to the interviewer that you are both committed and interested in the role.

It’s advisable to think about and practise possible interview questions and answers, such as: what are your strengths and weaknesses; how will your skills and experience fit with the role. Rehearse with a friend or colleague to ensure a slick performance. It’s good to think of some useful questions to ask at the end  to show you’re keen!

Check the time, date and location of the interview and the name of the interviewer. It’s best to keep the phone number handy (or contact Teamwork Selection) so if problems arise, you can call us.

It’s advisable to leave plenty of time so you arrive on time. Arriving late may ruin your chances before you even start.

First impressions really do count. Dress smartly and appropriately. If you are unsure of the company dress code, please ask Teamwork Selection before you get there.




  • Do demonstrate knowledge about the company, as this shows your enthusiasm for the role
  • Do project confidence and positive body language, for example make eye contact with the interviewer and try not to fidget (as this may make you seem nervous)
  • Do sum up at the end of the interview why you feel you are a strong candidate for the role
  • Do try and enjoy the interview and show your enthusiasm by asking questions about the role/company



    • Don’t rush your responses – always take time to think about your answers
    • Don’t speak in a negative way about your past employers or colleagues – this can give the impression that you would speak negatively about your new boss
    • Don’t make up details about your past work experience. Stick to the facts and turn any employment gaps into a positive story


Don’t worry if you do not hear back straightaway after – sometimes recruitment decisions are not made straight away.

Call Teamwork Selection as soon as you can to tell us how you feel about the interview and the role.