What should you do if you have gaps in your CV?

There are many reasons why you may have a gap in employment on your CV. It could be due to redundancy, dismissal, travelling or family matters, whatever the reason no matter how nuanced it  may be, it can be seen... Read More

What is flexible working?

Flexible working is an alternative to traditional-working hours, agreed by the employer and employee. This can include working from home or different start and finish times. This gives a better work-life balance whether it is part-time working, job sharing, early... Read More

How to choose a recruitment partner for your business

How to choose a recruitment partner for your business In any business your team are your most important investment, and recruiting the right people for the right job is crucial. But recruitment is costly and can take time. You don’t... Read More

Employers looking to temporary workers to help them recover

Temporary workers are becoming more prevalent to businesses as they start to recover from lockdown following the COVID-19 pandemic. Temp work can be a real asset to both sides, employers and workers, as it allows firms to create jobs in... Read More

What to do if you are overqualified for a job

Being turned down for a position you want because they have class your as “overqualified” is extremely frustrating. This rejection can hurt but can offer a better understanding of how recruiters and HR see your application and guide you for... Read More

Teamwork Selection statement on digital right to work checks remaining in place until June

The Government’s decision to revise the date for the reintroduction of face-to-face right to work document checks has been welcomed by the recruitment sector. In keeping with the lifting of lockdown restrictions, these checks – which are used to ensure... Read More

5 great questions to ask at an interview

You’ve got to the end of your job interview, and the interviewer asks you “So, do you have any questions for me about the business?” You should always have a few questions lined up ready to ask, it shows your... Read More

Why time is of the essence when making an offer

According to a report in The Telegraph, a combination of staff shortages and rising wages due to competition could damage the UK’s post-Covid economic recovery. The talent to fill the rapidly increasing number of vacancies is out there. However, stalling... Read More

Are we finally seeing the shoots of recovery for recruitment?

A change in the season is bringing with it a sense of optimism for recruitment. Recent announcements surrounding the lifting of lockdown restrictions and general positivity about vaccination success has led to predictions that a ‘war for talent’ is on... Read More

A ‘New Normal’ will require building resilient teams who can weather the perfect storm

Much has been said about how UK businesses can get back on track and flourish as we tentatively ease away from the restrictions enforced by three lockdowns in 12 months. However, while remote and agile working have occupied the lion’s... Read More