Visiting our office

Visiting our office

Due to current health and safety guidelines we are still not allowing candidates to walk in and register with us and our team are not performing face-to-face interviews anymore. However, if you would like to register with us please email with your CV or ring the office on 01452 615544 and we can register you after taking some details online. We are performing all our interviews virtually by video and we will talk you through how to do this if we need to interview you.


Please only come to the office if you have been requested to by an employee at Teamwork Selection.

Do not attend the office even if invited if you are feeling unwell or have any symptoms of coronavirus. The 3 main symptoms of coronavirus are a temperature, a persistent cough and a sudden loss of taste and smell. If you think you may have coronavirus you must isolate for 14 days.


On arrival ring the buzzer on the outside of the building and wait to be invited in. In the foyer area please use the automatic hand sanitiser dispenser located to the left of the entrance.

After making sure our colleagues are at least 2m away from you, enter the office and walk towards the reception desk. Sign the visitor guestbook with accurate details and then use the hand sanitiser provided and take a face mask if you do not have your own. Please respect social distancing at all times by staying 2m away from anyone in the office or the building.

If you are a temporary worker returning safety boots or equipment please ring the office and arrange a time for them to be dropped off. A member of staff will be ready to retrieve the items from you in a socially distanced way on site.

You can find a map to our location on our Contact Us page.