There are many reasons why you may have a gap in employment on your CV. It could be due to redundancy, dismissal, travelling or family matters, whatever the reason no matter how nuanced it  may be, it can be seen as a red flag to recruiters and employers as it may make them question why you haven’t been working.


Here are 4 things you can do to stop CV gaps being a hinderance to your next application.


  • Use a short summary statement to explain any reasons or gaps from the get go. An 100 word summary which is brief and concise is all you need. Us positive language and don’t just make a list of excuses.


  • On your CV in your employment gaps, state anything you did do. Whether it was volunteering, new training courses, education or family reasons, say what you were doing and don’t just leave it blank.


  • List your education and qualifications above your work history. Showing the achievements you have made outside of work can help diminish any obvious gaps and show your commitment to other areas.


  • Be prepared to talk about it openly and upfront in an interview. Tackle it quickly and honestly using positive language and move the conversation back to your work experiences. An employment gap doesn’t define you and you need to promote all the other good skills and qualities you have and have achieved.


If you need help writing your CV or are currently looking for your next job, get in touch with us and we can help you.