Whilst searching for work, you may think that a permanent opportunity is the only option that you have to consider. However, temporary work can be a beneficial route to take if you’re currently out of work, or thinking about a change in career.

Wondering why? Read on to find out more about how temporary work could benefit you and your life.

Ability to try out different roles

If you’re unsure of which career path to take, temping is a great way to try out different roles and industries without committing to a long term contract. Temping for Teamwork Selection will give you the best insight you can get into what it is like to work in certain environments and also allows you the flexibility to decide whether a role is something you want to do longer term.

Chance to build on your skills and experience

Different companies use different systems to get the job done. For example, even two companies carrying out similar work may use alternative databases, IT systems or just have unique ways of doing things. Spending time in temporary work across various roles means you will gain exposure to a variety of systems and learn many new skills making you far more attractive to employers and enhancing your CV.

Regular money

Temporary roles are often paid weekly which means you will benefit from regular money, rather than having to budget across a whole month. This can be a great advantage when you are out of work as it means you will earn money more quickly than if you go straight into a permanent role which are normally paid monthly.


A temporary job means flexibility, which a lot of workers crave nowadays. With temporary work, it is much easier to take time off, plan a career break or just generally fit your job around your life, rather than the other way around.  Not having a permanent, fixed contract may be scary at first but many people value the freedom that temporary work allows.

Build your network

Working in various industries and workplaces will allow you to build your network of professional contacts which can come in handy down the line – sometimes it’s not what you know, but who you know! If you have a large pool of connections you will likely hear about opportunities as they come up via word of mouth, instead of having to wait until they are advertised, plus you may be approached about vacancies if people know you are good at what you do.

Temporary work may not be the first choice for everyone but it can offer some great benefits if you’re not sure you want to commit to a long term contract. If you’d like any more advice on temporary work, or want to discuss the current opportunities available, please get in touch with Teamwork Selection on 01452 615544 or fay@teamwork-selection.co.uk.