A change in the season is bringing with it a sense of optimism for recruitment. Recent announcements surrounding the lifting of lockdown restrictions and general positivity about vaccination success has led to predictions that a ‘war for talent’ is on the horizon as companies start to look to the future.

Juliet Capelastegui, of Gloucestershire-based recruiter Teamwork Selection, makes the case for using temporary, short-term recruitment in the areas in need of additional reinforcement to kick-start the UK’s post-Covid-19 recovery, whilst reminding businesses that permanent roles ensure longer term success.

Temporary roles have been an effective stop-gap for businesses operating in a reduced capacity or with team members on furlough, affording flexibility at a time when demand is next to impossible to predict. At the same time, it has provided vital income for those losing jobs or having pay reduced.

Now, with restrictions lifting, temporary roles can provide a springboard for the UK to rebuild and sustain the momentum we are now starting to see. This optimism is starting to breathe confidence elsewhere.

Permanent jobs are on the up for the first time since September and opportunities are emerging in sectors such retail and hospitality, those hit hardest by the pandemic. In addition, the manufacturing sector recorded its highest level of optimism since 1973 as a direct response to the fall in Covid-19 cases and easing of restrictions.

This, in turn, lays down a marker, suggesting that the permanent jobs market is waking up once more, even in the areas which shouldered the heaviest job loss burden, bringing with it talented professionals who are starting to feel more confident that now is the time for a change in career.

The good news is demonstrated in the most recent figures from the Office for National Statistics; during the quarter December 2020 to February 2021, the UK unemployment rate decreased for the first time in nearly two years and the country’s redundancy rate was estimated at 7.3 people per thousand employees, which is down from the record high of 14.2 people per thousand employees in the previous quarter (September to November 2020).

The pivotal date of the 21st of June has no doubt been circled and highlighted on calendars across the country and marks the start of what we at Teamwork Selection believe to be the brave new world. As the date draws nearer, it is imperative that companies beginning their rebuilding process look closely at each aspect of their operations to ascertain which areas need to be strengthened the most, where implementing a combination of temporary and permanent personnel may be a viable solution for the short and long-term development of that particular department.

It is essential that process begins now, in order for business owners to create a recovery plan that will meet the company’s immediate and future needs, as well as providing a valuable insight as to the type of candidates required for that plan to become a reality.

Whilst it is great to read some good news about Covid-19 for a change, it is important to remember that the full impact of the virus is still yet to be fully understood and it possibly will not be for a considerable amount of time yet. In addition, all the projected new permanent positions need to be filled.

Fortunately, one direct consequence of the pandemic is the reduction in the time it takes for a candidate to reach the interview stage and hopefully beyond. Video interviews will still be part of the fabric in a post-Covid world, thanks to the ability to ‘meet’ more candidates, make roles appeal to a wider geographical and talent range, and ultimately maximise the chances of a company finding the candidate best suited to the particular role.

There is every reason to feel optimistic about the future and the opportunities it is set to bring. Seizing the initiative and re-establishing permanent job opportunities, safe in the knowledge that there is a pool of temporary workers to draw from, is the first step in taking a business forward into the new world, with the top-level talent needed for success within touching distance.