According to a report in The Telegraph, a combination of staff shortages and rising wages due to competition could damage the UK’s post-Covid economic recovery.

The talent to fill the rapidly increasing number of vacancies is out there. However, stalling when it comes to making a job offer will result in candidates quickly looking elsewhere. The increased competition for vacancies also means that candidates are seeking higher wages and other benefits, such as flexible or remote working.

Striking while the iron is hot, so to speak and making an initial job offer as soon as possible after the successful interview means the candidate is less likely to go elsewhere. The use of video means they can now, theoretically, attend multiple interviews throughout the day, so getting a foot in the door quickly and ahead of the competition will help you as a prospective employer to be memorable and show that you are just as keen for the prospect to join your team as they are to get back into work.

Whilst the furlough scheme has provided an essential lifeline during the turbulence of the past year, we as a country are now faced with an urgent need to get people back in to suitable roles. Those who have been on furlough, or worse, made redundant, may also benefit from a retraining programme to bring them back up to speed, something which we are seeing becoming more of a trend.

Though the number of vacancies is rising and unemployment starting to come down, candidate expectations have evolved, possibly as a result of the increase in remote working. In addition to rising salary expectations, many candidates judge whether an employer is right for them based on what experience they would have and any benefits they would be entitled to.

Now that offices and other workplaces are beginning to open again, the time for building the strongest team possible is now. The world has changed and with it, new methods of working and succeeding.

At Teamwork Solution, building teams is what we do and what we have specialised in for more than two decades. Drawing on our expertise amassed during this time, we are well positioned to find premium talent and crucially, understand what matters most to them. If you have a vacancy, contact us to learn how we can help you fill it.

Whatever the future holds, taking a brave, bold step, will be the way forward. Speak to us to find out how you can start building your post-pandemic team.