The Government’s decision to revise the date for the reintroduction of face-to-face right to work document checks has been welcomed by the recruitment sector. In keeping with the lifting of lockdown restrictions, these checks – which are used to ensure overseas workers are employed legally – will continue to be conducted digitally until at least June 21.

The revision comes as a result of lobbying by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC), which made a further case for digital right to work checks to continue further. Digital checks, REC claimed in a joint letter, “have delivered a more agile and robust process to get people into work.”

Speaking of the revision, our founder, Juliet Capelastegui, commented: “While it has been a challenging time for many, Covid-19 has shown us what is possible with using digital. During the pandemic, we as a sector have been able to trial processes which we might not have had the opportunity to in the past and there is considerable evidence to show that online right to work is not only effective but has the infrastructure to continue being effective further down the line.

“As the country starts reopening, there will be a greater need for flexible roles as candidates look for a blend of in-person and remote working. There will also be a need for greater speed and efficiency in getting people into jobs, particularly as we are now seeing vacancies beginning to open up on a more regular basis. Therefore, it is important that the legal processes conducted behind the scenes adapt to facilitate these trends, so that the labour market can recover from the pandemic.”

The full joint letter issued by the REC can be accessed here.