Temporary workers are becoming more prevalent to businesses as they start to recover from lockdown following the COVID-19 pandemic. Temp work can be a real asset to both sides, employers and workers, as it allows firms to create jobs in the short term, and gives people a chance to get back into work quickly and earn money, with the possibility of progressing into a permanent position.

39% of people in Britain have done temporary, contract or freelance work and the majority do this by choice. 36% chose temporary work as a quicker way to get into work, while 28% used temporary work to earn money fast. It can also lead to a permanent tole with 68% of those who have done temporary work in the past are now in a permanent role.

Job postings are also up to 1.10 million on Total Jobs with almost 126,000 new postings in the first week of August which is the highest since the pandemic began. There has been a big increase in  job adverts for gardeners, debt collectors, construction workers, LGV drivers and childminders.

Before March however there were 1.35 million job postings on Total jobs, so there is still some way to go.

As the market shifts from a candidate-led to an employer-led, finding the right person for the job has become essential, with recruiter playing a crucial role in this.

Recruiters can help identify opportunities and ensure people get back into work quickly. If you need our help with your recruitment needs or finding a job, send your CV into us on apply@teamwork-selection.co.uk or call us on 01452 615544.