To attract the best you need to be the best. There is a lot of uncertainty around the current job market meaning top talent may not be so willing to move jobs. However, having the best talent is how your business will thrive, so marketing your brand to prospective candidates is essential to creating the best team.



Culture is the essence of a company and how it feels to work there day by day. Having a great company culture will attract the best candidates and also help with employee retention. Think about what your companies values and morals are and strive to actually achieve them! This will get talent to stop and read your job adverts and win them in the interview stage.


Product or service

This may sound simple but understand exactly what the business is selling, whether that is a service or a product. Why is it important to the community or economy? Does it work? Is it simple for someone to understand that isn’t in the business already? To be onboard new employees have to believe in your product or service 100%. You need to emphasise why you are better than your competitors and show what makes your stand out from the rest! It will help them be passionate and motivated about the work they do for you.



The application process for a job is critical, especially as there is a good chance applicants could be applying and interviewing for multiple roles. Making this process easy and open will show candidates the sort of team the business has and how things are done internally. There’s nothing more off-putting than rearranging appointments or senior managers not showing up for an interview, or long winded application forms only to then upload a CV at the end. Being flexible with interviews and discussions can also be a huge benefit, especially if the candidates are still employed and not able to go to interviews during work hours. Utilising new techniques into your marketing and recruitment is a great way to scope out the competition to acquire top-quality candidates.


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