How to choose a recruitment partner for your business

In any business your team are your most important investment, and recruiting the right people for the right job is crucial. But recruitment is costly and can take time. You don’t want to make mistakes at this point. Choosing a recruiter that understands your business and needs and is dedicated to finding the perfect person for a role is essential. So what should you look out for when choosing a recruitment company to partner with?


  1. Ask about their industry knowledge

Ask for evidence of experience in your specific industry if they have recruited for similar roles before. Do they have local knowledge and know the landscape of the market? Their inside track of employment rates and competitors can help you set the right rates and find the right people with experience for the job.


  1. Make sure they understand your brand and values

Recruitment is a big investment, even bigger if you get it wrong and so you must meet potential recruitment partners. Ask them about their business, their experience and make sure they are asking you a lot about your company, your vision and values, the culture of the business and, of course, the role. Are they listening or just selling? Can you see them as your brand ambassador?


  1. Ask how in depth the service is

Your recruitment consultant should have met their candidates face-to-face to qualify their skills, experience and interest in your company and the role you have on offer.


  1. Ask about fees

Ask exactly what is expected of you to pay and when.  Is the fee percentage based on basic salary and do they have to work for a certain period of time before the fee needs to be paid?  Is their added value to the service like psychometric testing, referencing or onboarding?


  1. What is their business like to work for?

Check out the recruitment company you are planning to partner with; do their values fit with yours? Do they value their employees and do they have longevity in the role? What reviews do they have? Do they have a high staff turnover rate? These could all be signs to look out for.