January is usually a big month for recruitment. After the Christmas and New Year festivities companies typically use the first month of the year to start implementing their budget and recruitment plans, and 2021 is no different.

However there has been a lot for businesses to overcome in the last 12 months, from restructuring, furloughs and the multiple lockdowns, meaning recruitment has to be done right the first time to save time and money. Here’s our 6 tips to do this successfully.

  1. Be organised. Organisation is key to successful recruitment. Having times and days set aside for interviews and knowing all the details of the role, including a rough salary at the start of process, will only help to ensure things run efficiently.
  2. Be detailed. You’re more likely to find the right person for your business, if you know exactly what you are looking for in the first place. A vague job description or a half-hearted advert can put people off from the start. Candidates like to know what the role entails and without a skillset set out, you will likely get people applying who are not suitable. That said, a lengthy job advert can also be off putting, so it’s about finding the right balance to attract the right people.
  3. Make quick decisions. With so many businesses recruiting, especially around the start of the year, it is important to be quick with any recruitment based decisions. A star candidate will be offered interviews with more than one company, so if you like someone’s application, don’t delay in seeing them or offering them the job!
  4. Try a temporary worker. Taking on a temporary worker through an agency, before you commit to employing the worker permanently, is a great way to find the best fit for your business. It allows you to see the person on the job, whether they have the skills you need and also how they interact with the rest of your team.
  5. Seek advice. If you come across any hurdles during your recruitment, or you’re not sure about the correct salary, hours or benefits to offer, get in touch with an expert who can offer you advice. Most recruitment agencies will offer you a no obligation chat or meeting to point you in the right direction.

If you have any other questions about the recruitment process, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01452 615544 or email recruitment@teamwork-selection.co.uk

We can help with any of your recruitment needs in 2021!