Where to find your next role


You may be looking for  a new role right now due to circumstances out of your control (thanks coronavirus!) It can be a little daunting knowing where to begin to find your next career move, so here’s our 5 handy tips on where to start.


  • Job boards

Job boards are the easiest way to see what new roles are available in your area. There are lots to choose from and you can check out all of them, but our favourites are Totaljobs, Indeed and Glosjobs. Jobs on these boards may be posted by recruiters or directly by companies. You can upload your CV to job boards and then apply for jobs with just one click, as all your contact details and experience are saved to the job board. They can have a variety of temporary, permanent or contract jobs. Remember to keep a note of what you have applied for so you don’t apply for the same role on multiple job boards!


  • Facebook Jobs

Facebook has a whole section dedicated to new jobs. On your home page scroll down on the left hand menu and you will see a tab that says ‘Jobs’. Click it and it will show you all the jobs posted in your area that may be relevant to you in the last 30 days. You can apply through Facebook, contact the job poster, or just research the company and apply directly. As this is linked to your Facebook page, make sure there is nothing on your profile you wouldn’t want a prospective new employer seeing!


  • LinkedIn

Similarly to Facebook, LinkedIn also has a job section. Using LinkedIn means you can easily check out the company page and the people that work there beforehand. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is filled out completely as it can be used instead of a CV, as hirers will look at your profile if you apply.


  • Your Network

Ask your network and utilise your connections! You never know who may be hiring and knowing someone already in the business or sector can be a real helping hand to getting you an interview. Family, friends or ex work colleagues can all help if you ask the right people. Ask around.



  • Come to us!

If all of those suggestions seem a bit daunting and you don’t know where to begin, come to us! We can help you find your next role and the perfect job for you, whether that be a temporary one while you figure out what you want or a permanent one which is your next step on the career ladder. As recruiters we know what’s happening on the job market, which companies are hiring or could even sell you in to the right business. Send your CV to us or give us a call today to find out how we can help.