6 tips to help you get a new job in 2021

The first month of a New Year is often a time when people make New Year’s resolutions or endeavour to try something new, whether that’s an unusual hobby or a completely different career!

If the ‘new career’ resolution is one that’s on your list, we’ve put together some tips that could help you achieve your goal and get that new job.

  1. Get experience. One of the factors that often lets you down when trying to change careers is your lack of experience in that field. Try and gain some relevant experience before you start applying for jobs. See if you can volunteer in an appropriate role or if you’re out of work, temping for different companies through a recruitment agency is a great way to try out something new.
  2. Take time to enhance your skills. All work experience will equip you with transferable skills that can come in handy for any workplace, such as communication or teamwork skills.  However, if your new career requires a specific skillset, why not think about finding a course that can help you develop these? It will show your commitment to working in that field as well as let you learn something new
  3. Revamp your CV. If you’ve always worked in the same industry or type of role, then chances are you’ve always used the same CV, geared towards those particular jobs. Take some time to revamp your CV, ensuring that it lends itself to a new career in the industry you want. Relate your accomplishments to the role you want and mention any relevant skills you have that can enhance someone’s business.
  4. Network. Ever heard the saying ‘It’s not what you know, it’s who you know?’ – This can be very true when looking for a new career path. The network of people you know may be able to help you without you ever sending out a job application. Often people know of jobs before they are advertised, or if you make a good impression they may recommend you to someone who can help get you on the right path.
  5. Do your research. The grass always seems greener on the other side. Before you embark on looking for a new career, do your research on the industry, or job role. Try and talk to someone who already does what you are looking for, ask the pros and cons and get their opinion. They may be able to give you a more realistic view on what the role is like, without you looking through rose-tinted glasses.
  6. Be enthusiastic. Attitude will almost always win over skillset. If an employer can see that you have the right attitude – are enthusiastic, reliable and willing to learn, then they are likely to realise you have potential, even if you don’t have all the experience. After all, skills can be taught, but attitude can’t!

Following these tips will get you on the right track to succeed in changing your career. If you’re looking for any more help or advice about your career change and that perfect new job, please do not hesitate to contact Teamwork Selection on 01452 615544 or email recruitment@teamwork-selection.co.uk